Let us burn the fat – Healthy food and weight loss

When we talk about healthy weight loss, always talking about rational nutrition, fat reduction, and fitness and sports.Let us understand first, however, whether all the fat that we eat are harmful to our health and figure.
What are the right fats?

Especially valuable vegetable oils are the unsaturated fat. Above all, olive oil contains the same polyunsaturated fat. That is why people in southern countries have less weight problems. Furthermore, they also move more.
The body needs fats

The bad reputation of fats is justified only in part. While saturated fats deposit themselves directly in the depots and can be the cause of cardiovascular disease, unsaturated fats promote the formation of cell walls and hormone production. They also facilitate the absorption of important vitamins and cranks on the blood circulation. As always with a balanced diet, it is also here, on the amount that matters. Who daily only eats bratwurst, pizza, hamburgers and potato chips will have a problem with too much saturated fat. In a sausage 35g saturated fat are included, this already corresponds to more than the total daily requirement of a normal-weight woman.

Sport and fitness for your idealfigure

Four to seven calories per kilo of body weight – this may sound complicated at first glance, but here is a concrete example: A person weighing 70 kilos per workout should consume at least 280 calories to reduce weight. This corresponds to about 20 minutes fast jogging, cycling fast medium 25 minutes or 40 minutes walking. For those who prefer indoor training, can achieve good results even in aerobics or step classes at the gym or on a home trainer. Water lovers can reduce their pounds with endurance swimming, aqua fitness and aqua jogging.

This joint impact sports are ideal for fitness beginners and overweight. It also ensures a balanced, low fat diet, is on the best way to slim line.Therefore, if you want to lose weight, be sure to contact a fitness instructor or are start a regular practice your favourite sport.

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